LUMS Literary Society stands firm on the foundation to promote and restore the lost remnants of literary essence in their purest form, and to convey them to the interested masses. With the vision to revive the art of reading with passion, the society aims to, encourage creativity through imagination, augment the students’ writing and linguistic skills, and scrutinize the delicate tinges of various facets of literature.

LUMS Literary Society intends to support an appreciation of reading, involvement in engaging discussions, thoughtful considerations of literature and creative writing, as activities which have valuable effects on the society. LLS is devoted to promoting effective communication skills among the students; the society is poised to enable the abilities with cutting edges to develop and polish their literary skills. The society is ambitious to inspire the students to develop a taste for literature and at the same time realize the direction of expanding their horizon of spoken and written languages. The society’s involved schema includes a variety of activities aimed at fostering up the confidence and grooming the aptitudes of students in confronting various interactive challenges and competitions.
Additionally, overlooking the literary aspect, the society intends to provide a common ground to form new acquaintances, foster confidence, exchange views, and to encourage a friendly banter to endorse the beauty of different ideas.



LUMS Literary society is an independent professional society, open to scholars, literature admirers, teachers and students around the country. It subsists predominantly to expedite the attempts of a nationwide audience to encourage the efforts of Pakistani writers and artists, budding and professionals alike. The society welcomes the contribution of all who produce content for the study and hopes for productive collaboration between scholars, artists and literary enthusiasts. The LLS as a student run society upholds the primacy of the Pakistani peoples in shaping the future of Pakistani literature and actively supports the Pakistani talent in their quest for achieving literary hallmarks.


Message from the Presidents

Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar
President 2020-21

LLS is not just a society working to promote literature in LUMS, but a family that stays together during all ups and downs. It is a place where you are recognized based on your talent and dedication. The society has provided me tons of opportunities to express and implement my ideas, and I tend to do the same for my successors. I hope the society grows bigger and bigger with time!

Maham Munir
President 2019-20

Passion, skills, exposure, confidence, opportunities, friends, memories; you name any worth it experience and I can surely say that LLS has given it to me. From being a member of Zauq by LLS in 2017 to being the President of LLS in 2019, my time at LLS has not only made my life at LUMS remarkable but has significantly impacted my own personality too. Whenever I look back, I always find LLS as a best friend that I owe a lot to!