Bait Bazi is a poetry competition where 2 to 4 teams compete simultaneously each team recite a verse from the last alphabet of the verse of the preceding team. LUMS Literary Society held the competition at times before and after a gap of few years we organized the competition in 2017 . A number of teams participated in it and from all the teams the team comprising of Abdul Rehman and Usama Zafar went on to achieve victory in the Annual Bait Bazi 2017.



LUMS Adab Mela (LAM), previously known as LUMS Literary Festival, is being organized to promote literature in Pakistan and engage students of LUMS as well as several other institutions in contribution towards literature. We aim to revamp the lost interest in literature and to revive the forms of representing literature by bringing about multiple events throughout the year. These events in themselves are a depiction of a wide variety of genres, ranging from music to panel discussions.

This is the list of competitions, socials and workshops:

COMPETITIONS: Bait Bazi, Calligraphy Competition, English Debates, Urdu Debates, English Essay Writing Competition, English Poetry Competition, English Story Writing Competition, Painting Competition, Quiz Trivia, Story Telling, Urdu Essay Writing Competition, Urdu Poetry Writing Competition, Urdu Story Writing Competition, Script Writing Competitions

SOCIALS: Mushaira, Ghazal Goi, Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Book launch by usman malik

WORKSHOPS: Story Writing Workshop, Poetry Writing Workshop, Dramatic Reading Workshop, Script Writing Workshop



Qawwali is one of the most popular form of expressions in the sub continent. LLS holds the privilege of organizing the largest Qawwali night in LUMS. Qawwali night is essentially the heart and soul of Life at LUMS. Notable Qawwals have played a part in making Qawwali Nights what it currently is and their contributions have been immense along with the

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LLS team members who work tirelessly to ensure the event is flawless.