Human resources management and external relations is a department that keeps your energy levels in check. We manage the most valuable resource- Human and interact with people, make new connections, and coordinate all the activities so that everything runs smoothly.



Zauq department is a quite interdisciplinary and multifaceted platform. We encourage students who are passionate about literature from all spheres of Pakistan to exercise their writing and analytical abilities in the form of various activities such as contributions to the magazine, literary events, informal gatherings, writing workshops, engagement with esteemed literary personalities, and pen pal letter-writing activity with other universities. If you’re an individual who’s exuberant about literature regardless of the language you write in,  Zauq warmly welcomes you!


Creativity & Design

Design and Creativity department is the face of society. In this department we manage all the content you see on social media and promote events and other content by designing beautiful posters.



A feeling of being secure is something that lets you enjoy the good things in peace. We promise to make that happen for you. We are here to make sure that you can feel and appreciate the true soul of literature without any hesitation. In short, we are the shield that guards the realms of men.


Accounts & Registrations

Registrations department is the backbone of our society. It maintains the records of all the events, departments and their members. It manages the registration process and handles the registration portal as well during our events.



The department that utilizes your persuasive and communication skills to look out for potential sponsorships from brands and companies of all nature for society’s events let it be on small scale or the annual functions is no other but the department that helps you build your professional and practical skills, the marketing department.



We attend all the events that take place under LLS and ensure that we capture every moment of them. We present them in such a way that they forever remain in our minds.



Publicity department is aimed to promote and publicize the events, posts and publications via LUMS literary Society. The department writes amazing captions, contents to attract audience and posts every moment on social media platforms so that no one could miss a glance of our marvelous events.



We are the backbone of the society, the invisible heroes who work behind the curtain. We’re responsible for booking venues, dealing with vendors, getting approvals from CCA and managing inventory to make sure that everything needed is there in the given time.